Friction Free Lead Capture

If you offer a free download to your potential customers, Download Magnet offers a friction free way to capture their email address and let them have your offering instantly. 

You have an impressive offering and want to offer a free sample to your potential customers? Download Magnet will not only provide the download, you can currently connect to ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, MailChimp, Mailpoet, SendFox, Sendy and Webhooks (for Zapier/Make etc.) with our addons.

Stuck and getting your customer details from Elementor Forms into SendFox into your email lists. That is where our Elementor Pro Addon can help. Need to show content based on the day of the week? We have you covered too with Day of Week and our recent PRO version, now available.

Download Magnet

A WordPress plugins that help capture email addresses from your customers when they download content from you.
Find out more information here.

Day Of Week

Our WordPress plugins that help show content based on the day of the week.
Find out more information here.

Elementor Pro Addon to SendFox

A WordPress plugin that will connect Elementor Pro Forms to SendFox.
Find out more information here.

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