How to show the Button (Download Magnet)

Once you have created the Download Magnet post (entry), you will need to make a note of the shortcode (or use the COPY button) on the Download Magnet posts page.

Shows the shortcode text as well as the copy button

The shortcode is also visible in the actual post page too.

image of the shortcode text inside the post page.

Once you have this information, to display the download button, when you edit the post or page, add the shortcode by using the shortcode block (using Gutenburg) or manually typing/pasting the cod.

Image showing Gutenburg shortcode block.

When the post or page is viewed on the website, it should look like this for Popup styling. Button styling should follow your site’s theme (but can be customized in css).

Image of rendered download magnet button

If you chose Inline, it should look similar to below.

Image of inline option
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