Version 2 – What is New

(Version 2 of the main plugin is due to be released sometime week of 8th January 2024.)

Peachy Software is pleased to announce the release of version 2 of Download Magnet. The main update was a feature request from an user which made total sense and makes Download Magnet more flexible. Thank you.

Attach Download Magnet To An Existing Button #

You are no longer constrained to using either our own button or the inline option. You can now attach Download Magnet to your buttons on the page. Allowing you to design your page freely. This has been tested in Classic Editor, Block Editor, Elementor and Divi. This should work across the board.

An example of a button added by a page builder, in this case DIVI.
Example of a Divi Button

By adding this feature, you can now use your own buttons (can work on other elements), our own button or the inline option.

Dialog loaded in the WP_FOOTER hook #

Previously, when the page loaded the Download Magnet dialog box was placed near the button code. This caused some z-index issues with some page builders. It could show graphics above the dialog which looked weird. Now we load the dialog at the bottom of the page ready to be shown. Now, good theme developers should include a wp_footer action (hook) in their design, and most do. However, there are some rare cases when they do not. We now provide an option to not use the wp_footer hook and work the way version 1 did.

A graphic to showing the option to not use the wp_footer hook.

Coming Soon #

The roadmap includes extensions for MailerLite, FluentCRM and Webhooks (to use on automations like Zapier or Make (Integromat) etc. We are also looking at email address validators as well. Keep an eye for details.

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